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UPDATE: Drop in services

Published: Tuesday 20 April 2021

Currently there are no drop in services running for Housing Advice, Homesearch and Private rented advice.


If you require Homesearch, for Social Housing, please contact 01225 396118 between  8.30am – 17.00pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am – 16.30pm Friday, alternatively you can contact via e-mail on  Homesearch@BATHNES.GOV.UK


For Housing advice including private rented, please contact 01225 396296  the telephone service is available between the hours of 09.00am – 04.00pm Monday to Friday. Alternatively you can contact via e-mail


We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause at the current time.



You can also contact Reach Housing Support, on 01225 422156, or message 

Reach provide an independent Housing Support advice line, focusing on practical support to help people maintain their tenancies.

Are you struggling to afford your rent? Do you have rent arrears?

Published: Friday 28 August 2020

During the second lockdown starting on the 5th of November Homesearch will continue to advertise Social Housing each week in the normal way. Most landlords have advised that they will not be changing their current procedures, these include, Virtual viewings and sign ups. Remember to check this site each week for new properties and ensure that your application, including contact details are up to date.


If you are struggling to afford your housing, we would advise you to seek help now.


The earlier you take action, the greater the opportunity for you to keep your home.

For help and advice, contact The Councils Housing Options Team on 01225 396296

(available during office hours Monday-Friday) You will be able speak directly to a Housing Advisor, or message the team,

You can also contact Reach Housing Support, on 01225 422156, or message 

Reach provide an independent Housing Support advice line, focusing on practical support to help people maintain their tenancies.  



Future Bright Career Coaches

Published: Thursday 2 July 2020

Boost Your Career- Tuesday 14th July 8pm-9pm 

The Future Bright Career Coaches are running a FREE webinar to help you assess your skills, boost your confidence and find advice. There will be a chance to chat to the coaches and ask questions.  

Sign up for a place on Boost Your Career here -  This event is open to anyone.

If you want more information about the webinar or Future Bright contact us 01225 395555

Property Adverts

Published: Monday 1 June 2020

More properties are likely to be advertised through Homesearch from this Friday 5th June.

This is due to the Government’s relaxation of the non-essential moves.

We therefore advise applicants to ensure that their Homesearch application is up to date. This includes their contact details.

Please check for properties every week for suitable properties via the Homesearch website <>

Has your pay been affected by COVID-19?

Published: Wednesday 22 April 2020

Has your pay been affected by COVID-19? Get in touch with Future Bright to see how we can support you.

Our Career Coaches are great at helping people to improve their work and pay. Due to the COVID 19 crisis we have been able to widen our eligibility criteria to help those struggling due to lockdown.

If you have lost pay or work due to  the COVID-19 crisis get in touch with us for support. For specific eligibility and to register with us go here <>

We can offer

*           Over the phone/ Skype support for up to 3 months

*           Support to help you look for new or additional employment.

*           Access to short-term training to improve skills and help you move quickly to secure work opportunities of either a temporary or permanent nature

Get in touch with us today

*           Phone 01225 395555

*           Email <>

*           Website


If you are unsure about eligibility contact us and we will help or link you up with other services who can support you.