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Keeping up to date

Published: Thursday 23 May 2024

The next time you log in to your Homesearch Account try and take time to check that your address, household members and contact telephone number and email address are up to date.

Homesearch Drop in’s

Published: Wednesday 17 April 2024

Please note that there will be no Homesearch Drop in's at Bath Housing, Welfare and Advice Services on Tuesday 7th May and Keynsham Library on Thursday 9th May.  Sorry for any inconvenience.   

Changes to Keynsham Homesearch Drop in’s

Published: Tuesday 30 January 2024

From Thursday 8th February 2024 the Keynsham Homesearch Drop will only be in the mornings from 0930 to 1230


Tuesday  -    Bath Housing, Welfare and Advice Services      09:30 – 12.30

Thursday  -   Keynsham Library                                               09.30 - 12.30


For more information please contact the team on (01225) 396118.

Christmas Property Adverts

Published: Thursday 14 December 2023

Properties will continue to be advertised over Christmas and New Year, so please don’t forget to check and bid.

Do you live in a Housing Association property and have more bedrooms that you need?

Published: Wednesday 11 October 2023

Do you live in a Housing Association property? Do you have more bedrooms than you need? Do you want to move to a smaller property?

If so, contact the Homesearch team and we will award you priority on the register.

If you rent your home from Curo and are worried you may not be able to downsize (for example because of rent arrears, work required in your home, or anything else you think might prevent a move) then please contact Curo’s Customer Accounts team. Either call Curo on 01225 366000 and ask to speak to your account manager or email them directly on

If you want to discuss with Homesearch directly then call 01225 396118 or email Homesearch@BATHNES.GOV.UK